Thursday, October 31, 2019

About doctors, economy and God's help

In the morning, a believing acquaintance called, complained about the rudeness of the doctors in the clinic, with sadness and resentment stating that it was impossible to calmly relate to this, but it was also impossible to respond. I wanted to tell her the usual “endure and be humbled,” but then my memory instantly returned to me my own resentments against doctors - everything transferred to hospitals from birth. I realized that I have no right to give advice until I sincerely forgive myself. Wishing my friend to get stronger, I sat down and seriously plunged into my past, in order to finally find peace in my soul. I think doctor is very difficult job and if you want to work as a doctor you should have the perfect resume, If you need you can use resume examples -

At first, a series of painful procedures and operations in hospitals swept through my mind’s eye. The composure and rudeness of the doctors, their snobbery and sarcasm only increased the suffering. But then the soul suddenly asked the mind: unless such doctors met on your way? Have you forgotten? ..

I’m twelve years old, after sedation, I’m taken on a gurney to the operating room on a gurney, I need to eliminate contractures in my legs - I need to be in time while the injection is working. End of November. In the operating room - icy cold. The back to the window stands at the ready surgeon. They drive me to the table, tell me to quickly cross over to it. And here begins: a childish whim multiplied by the effect of the drug administered - I refuse to lie down on the table without a blanket and pillow! Everyone begins to persuade, to shame me, even threaten to use force, because of this my tearfulness and obstinacy only intensify. And then the surgeon turns to me and, kindly looking into the eyes, tells the nurses: do as she wants. Then they begin to argue with him, they say, an antiseptic is not allowed. But he insists on his own and serves the pillow. After which I move to the operating table and calmly take cover with a blanket. I calm down a bit and here comes the second act of drama - anesthesia: I do not agree to put on a mask, for nothing! But again, the same doctor allows me to play a little with a terrible mask, and then asks just to inhale once to see ... a fabulous country. What am I doing safely. The operation was successful, everything healed quickly. Not immediately, I appreciated the doctor’s behavior, but now, years later, I see that he used the same economy in relation to me, which is sometimes used in Christianity in spiritual matters: this is when it’s impossible, but for admonition and as an exception you can . This principle worked perfectly for me. A bow to the doctor for this.

My soul lightened a little. And then another memory came. I need a urologist. But an experienced doctor is in a sanatorium and accepts only his own, sanatorium. And I'm just a local. So, you have to rely on luck or lie. It turned out only the first. The doctor opened the door and asked if I had a ticket. I blurted out “no!”, Was embarrassed and froze, looking at him like a rabbit on a boa constrictor. There was a pause, then he invited me to enter the office. He spent his time on me and did not take a dime for it. So for many years I got a wonderful medical consultant. Now he is no longer alive. But, remembering him, I again felt warm gratitude, and the soul just flew up from everything experienced again.

This memory once again evokes a feeling of gratitude in the soul. But immediately the memory comes to mind the rudeness of one famous doctor on a medical site, where I turned for advice. So I wanted to say then on that site: “Doctor, heal yourself!”, And even better - to shout directly in the face!

But the quiet inner voice reminded not only that doctors and medicines are from God. “Do not trust in the sons and princes of men,” but trust in the Providence of God. And then resentment and anger will go away, and the necessary help will certainly come. All of us on this earth are a large, although not very friendly family, and each has its own cross and its own vocation: some have a feather, others have a scalpel.

Tomorrow I will see my friend and now, thank God, I know what to tell her. I am sure now that it will help her, as it has helped me.

Monday, October 28, 2019

The crisis management

Who is a crisis manager?

And when still does not work, the cause is taken a crisis manager. But the reputation of the business of crisis, especially in the eyes bankrotyaschegosya businesses, often "dirty". That is to correct this reputation and bring the company out of the crisis (bankruptcy) and need a person as a crisis manager.
Getting Started-crisis manager

To start the crisis-manager have to identify enterprise challenges, whatever they may be rooted - in the external or internal factors, in relation to the "top" (the local authorities, for example) or the "lower ranks" (employees of enterprises of different levels - from top managers to ordinary workers), in the formal, legal "gray" or frankly criminal field.

Moreover, it is not necessary to assess the situation in their own enterprise, and unfamiliar. That is necessary to analyze the vast amount of information that has yet to be obtained. And it is not always willing to share. And even if you do not hide, still important things are often not formalized, are rooted in the specifics of the enterprise, its history, undocumented relationships with partners.

Moreover, all of these processes - diagnosis, analysis, strategy development and implementation take place in conditions of severe stress, time pressure, conflict communicating parties. Sometimes the only thing that unites the participants in the process - the suspicion and antipathy towards the crisis managers, a stranger to all.
The history of crisis management in the CIS

I must say, some of the reasons for this attitude and created by history "saviors". In the early '90s to become a crisis manager could almost anyone to do this, it was only to finish courses of arbitration managers. And as a result of their abilities often only enough to chaotic sell the property in favor of the individual creditors.

The era of "grave-diggers" rather quickly replaced by another, more organized, but also more dangerous. Bankruptcy has become an instrument of redistribution of property. The enterprise management is particularly important control of three components: equity, debt and senior managers. And the struggle was waged on three fronts at once: packets eroded, emission or their results were disputed, the debt increased or, conversely, decreased, executives outbid. Interested parties have deployed a real war for the appointment of "their" crisis manager.

In addition to the manipulation of documents in the course were powerful and "PR", and direct capture of enterprises, and fires in arbitration courts. With varying degrees of validity in lobbying accused everyone who was involved in the enterprise, - local authorities, and the whole country.

Legislation, including the recent changes made to it, do not really help, "razrulivaniya" problems, optimization of crisis management and even improve its reputation. But help business development. Still, not to openly criminal methods out of fashion, but it becomes more cost-effective compliance with the rules of the game, even if they are not too successful.
trade costs

However, in situations not scandalous situation of crisis manager will not envy. It is by definition work in a crisis. But it's not just about the position of the enterprise - a potential bankruptcy, there are a lot of other factors ...

Not only that the crisis-manager will have to decide the high cost in terms of time constraints and the information - it is, after all, a question of professionalism. Significant measures must be carried out under conditions of constant emotionally charged up to the aggressiveness of contacts.

The labor collective of the crisis structure, of course, even before the arrival of the new man stopped getting old (if at all any) paid and that is called a "wound". Accumulated annoyance poured, of course, at the stranger. Former executives perceive a colleague-rival in arms: if they could not save the native enterprise, surely someone else to deal with that, demonstrating the failure of the former management ?! In the course are as "excuses" and direct sabotage: absenteeism, refusal to issue documents and so on. In short, the emergence of a new man destroys the system of relations established between the company's management with the local authorities, with the partners. It is simply collapsing familiar "world picture." And there are interested parties and business pressure and public bodies (and not always objective).

That is why the anti-conflict is considered to be one of the main characteristics of the work of anti-crisis manager. And that's why all analysts agree that in this profession are important not ctolko expertise both internal qualities of the person. Most important among them - to be able to achieve confidence.
Best crisis managers

Best crisis managers - people have earned the trust: successful professionals with an impeccable reputation and a stable relationship with the authorities and managers of the same level. However, their work is effective only within their region or, at best, their industry.

More versatile professionals who can pursue authority as referred to, with a clean sheet. Therefore, in the training programs of anti-crisis managers increasingly focus on "psychological conditioning": managers are taught to engage in dialogue and negotiations, to speak before a large audience, to resolve staffing conflicts, reach compromises and to withstand the pressure.

The profession itself also affects the character. According to the survey, non-standard situations that arise in the process of crisis management now forms a kind of management wisdom.

The need for the manager crisis be equally convincing in negotiations with creditors and debtors, with local authorities and federal agencies with staff and members of his own team promotes tolerance for the opinions of others, develop self-restraint, self-control and at the same time, the ability to remain in their own independent judgments.

Such qualities can not be taught - it comes primarily with experience. However, we hope eventually positive practice crisis management finally will change the image of the profession as a whole. Perhaps, then, and become crisis managers to call the good old word - "trustees".

Mediaplanner - the privilege of advertising agencies

Who it?

Although the word is known far not to everyone on mediaplennerov is now in great demand.

So who is this man? What he devotes his precious literally working hours? Estimated output in general, can be made from the name of the profession. Of course, mediaplenner engaged in some planning (from English to plan), and, perhaps, his work comes to the media (mass media). Speaking precisely, mediaplenner scheme is the most profitable investment of funds allocated by the company to the "promotion" of its name, products or services.

This profession is a matter of the advertising business. Departments mediaplennerov - necessity and a privilege it is advertising agencies, with only reputable companies can afford such an expensive pleasure. For mediaplennerov services, as, indeed, and other advertising services, handles the vast majority of firms in the specialized agencies.
Math plus outlook

Mediaplennery - is most often people between the ages of 20 to 30 years. Go to mediaplennery sense immediately after the institute or at the beginning of his career, accumulating some experience on other promotional positions. Clear requirements for education is not here, although the presence of the applicant at the technical college diploma speaks in favor of his mathematical skills and abilities. And without a good relationship with math people are unlikely to take place as a mediaplenner.

In addition to mathematical predisposition, there is another important condition - required for the profession overall outlook. Since the work to be with the media, you need to think of their orientation. Understand what social life events may cause increased people's interest in newspapers, radio and television. Still need to be guided in public tastes and preferences, see the difference between audiences a wide variety of media. There is also a third condition - computer skills at user level. Today, however, it is necessary for each anything like a business person.
What to do?

In our country mediaplennery work professionally for about five years. During this time there were good people, but has not yet managed to emerge a thorough training system. It has not yet emerged respected unconditionally recognized professional education units and courses.

So the best debut mediaplennera - a dive into the practical side of things.

For example, an advertising agency asked the firm that sells electric kettle. She needs to convey to the client the information about your product. Information on the potential buyer takes mediaplenner of the marketing department. If he is experienced, then he can use the right programs, to define this so-called target group. In the case of kettles target group are women of average means in age from 25 to 45 years.

Now we need to calculate those media that are most interest them. This data can help Palomars computer programs stored TV ratings, as well as the Galileo program, which brings together publications ratings. In this case, it is necessary to take into account a set of parameters. If we talk about television, it is, first, the channel coverage for a day or a week, and secondly, its share among other channels, that is, how much of the target group will be given time to contact him at the same time. Thirdly, it is necessary to find out the pricing policy of the channel or publication. The recommendations should be as specific as possible. When it comes to radio and television, it is necessary to specify not only the channel, but also programs, which draw the attention of the target group.

As a result, mediaplenner outlines for the client sequence of the advertising company, which will lead to increased sales.
Theory and practice

The main enemy mediaplennera - advertising prices. The budget allocated by the client, is limited, and it prevents scale and does not allow to implement the best theoretical option. The plan must be as effective only in the framework of the released funds for an advertising campaign. Often in that the adjustment result provided mediaplennerom, making circumstances. Sudden changes in the television program, for example. For example, TV crew and was replaced Melodrama Militants have not fit to promote electric kettles and electric razors.

Most often the basis for the advertising campaign is television. Radio plays a supporting role, and the materials in the press are intended to describe in detail the brand. All these areas are different from each other, and because there are among mediaplennerov narrow professionals: for example, people who are specialized mainly on work with the radio or a TV. But a powerful advertising campaign covering all media types, can only deal with the mediaplenner, which has not only solid, but also a versatile skills.

Apparently, in the near future the demand for mediaplennerov not fall. That is why young people, it makes sense to try their luck and to become popular and scarce professionals. But we need to be patient: you can become a competent specialist is not earlier than one year. To begin, of course, have an assistant and, most likely, in a modest, not very well-known company. On the transition to the large firm can confidently rely formed, Skopje extensive and varied experience mediaplenner.

Investment Manager - always in the cash flow

Investment - an investment of capital with the expectation to generate revenue in the future.

Possession of money, it is always obliged to seek the use of that money to work, make a profit and do not lie idle. history of investing can be dated to the moment of realization that the money under the mattress - is unprofitable, and the decision to invest this in their development of new business (let there in turnover as a loan or a lot easier to buy a gold bar). Obviously, the more capital can be placed in a draft - especially on large profits can be expected. Small contributions of private owners can give a total of powerful investment resource that will not only provide income to investors, but also realizes the significant growth of the economy.

When depositors is becoming more difficult to achieve consensus in the management of cash flow, which requires the analysis of the situation on the market, assessment of possible risks, as well as the development of a common strategy. None of the investors does not want to be in the position of Pinocchio, which is hoping to grow a money tree, simply buried his coin in the ground, losing thus, their all. When the financial management and decision-making involved investors themselves - it is ineffective: views on the profitability of the project may differ, as well as the assessment of the situation. Optimally it outsource it to a professional - the investment manager.
Investment manager - who is it?

Investment manager's task - the analysis of the possible directions, sites for investment and the choice of the best options for taking into account all possible risks and expected returns.

Specializations in the field of investment management abound. Specification of activities depends on the investment is carried out in a segment of the market. And different requirements and job responsibilities may be lurking behind every open vacancy. But regardless of the kind of activities and efforts of the application domain, common to all managers in the field of investment objectives are to ensure the profit of the employer company. To achieve this, funds can be invested in financial assets (securities: stocks, bonds, etc.), Non-financial assets (precious stones, metals), physical assets (real estate), intangible assets (research and development).

asset management, in whatever direction it is not carried out, consists of two main stages. The first analysis of the current situation, asset valuation, forecasting the estimated income and potential risks. The second step is the actual effect against investment funds or investment objects. So, if we are talking about so-called "portfolio management" (the formation and portfolio management), several specialists will be involved in the work. The analyst who needs to analyze current and expected market conditions, portfolio manager, on the basis of information provided by the analyst to decide whether certain actions (buying new shares available for sale securities) and a trader, directly carry out transactions on the market. In the process of participating and "support group" - lawyers, back office accountants. The range of professions and specialization of employees involved in investment management, can be very diverse. So, if we are talking about investments in the sphere of real estate, investment manager role is performed by a professional agent, who can give the most accurate assessment of the situation on the real estate market and predict the feasibility of investing in a particular object.
Knowledge is power

At first glance it may seem that the success of the investment manager - this is just a matter of luck or the result of a good intuition. How else can one explain the fact that one manager to manage successful projects to choose more than those who invest in others? In fact, everything is much more complicated. Investment manager's job - is not only and not so much intuition. Specialist, intending to build a successful career in the field of investment, must possess a large array of knowledge (theory of investment management, accounting, macro- and microeconomics, principles of technical and fundamental analysis, mathematical modeling and statistics, relevant laws and regulations and much more). Developed the theory on which the established methodology for calculating the risk and profitability of investment funds, optimize investment performance evaluation of investment projects. Without this knowledge, calculations and constant analysis of the investor will never be able to achieve positive results. Activities in this area - a permanent job with a large array of information. The manager should be able to collect it, analyze, map out a strategy and plan their actions. His task - to evaluate the effectiveness of programs and investment projects, to adopt adequate investment decision and bring it to a successful implementation. map out a strategy and plan their actions. His task - to evaluate the effectiveness of programs and investment projects, to adopt adequate investment decision and bring it to a successful implementation. map out a strategy and plan their actions. His task - to evaluate the effectiveness of programs and investment projects, to adopt adequate investment decision and bring it to a successful implementation.
Where can I get the knowledge needed for the job?

Education in the field of economics and finance can be obtained at the Kiev University of Economics (formerly the Institute of National Economy), the National Taras Shevchenko University (Department of Economics), Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Faculty of Economic Sciences), the Donetsk State Academy of Management (Faculty of Management in the non-manufacturing sector) , Kharkov (Department of Economics) and the Odessa economic university.

Education in "financial management» (financial management), obtained in Western business schools, is valued much higher than domestic.

However, if you have higher math, it can try yourself in the investment: since the theory of differential equations and other intricacies of the Faculty of Mathematics formula for calculating return on investment suschimi seem trifles. A special knowledge get, if you're lucky and you will intern at an investment company.
Step by step

Even with the profile specialty and diploma of prestigious academic institution, there is no guarantee that you will work with open arms, and even more so to entrust to make important decisions and to dispose of large sums.

Typically, about building a career, students begin to think more on the third and fourth courses. Choose an investment company or a bank and try to get trainees at least for the holidays. The main work of interns - "Bring - Bring - Sort": database filling, help companies specialist in the current issues that do not require qualification and responsibility. Yes, and payment for such positions (if any), on a - minimum. But there is the opportunity to acquire the most valuable - experience.

After practice (of course, provided that you have left a good impression) can be arranged in the same company as a junior (junior) manager. If this position will qualify two candidates, intern, well-established, and a specialist from the side - most likely, the preference will be given to the first, already had time to get acquainted with the activities of the company or an investment bank. Therefore internship during the holidays - it is though not mandatory, but highly useful and greatly facilitates the further employment.

Compared with the trainees, junior manager - a serious and responsible attitude. Direction of operation depends on the employee to whom it is "younger": the analyst, portfolio manager or trader.

Career "ceiling" in the industry is almost non-existent. With the manager position, you can move to the position of director of the direction, then even higher - to become the managing director of an investment company or an investment bank. Depending on the policy guidance, the successful director may be invited to become a partner - the owner of a small fraction of the company's shares. Particularly this approach is popular in the West. It is believed that one of skill is much more interested in the success of the enterprise, from when it is directly related his personal income.

With experience and undermine relationships, earning the starting capital, you can open its investment bank. Sometimes, however, the offer of cooperation from the large foreign investment company is more interesting.
Urgently needed ...

Employers Eligible Applicants in this industry is very standard:

 Higher Education (mathematical or economic);
 knowledge in the field of investment law Asset Management;
 knowledge of investment theory, financial mathematics and financial analysis:
 practical PC skills;
 good knowledge of English.

Obligatory additional requirement - Experience in specific areas of investment. As well as experience of those or other investment projects, transactions and cash management.

Search for jobs in investment is not limited to the study of employment ads. Even if the company you are interested in has not published an ad for the employee - it does not mean that you can not try to get a job. Many large organizations are not published on the website job listings, and simply offer all interested persons to send in their resume. And there's the likelihood of interesting offers of cooperation will depend on how you will be able to justify their desire to work in this company and are interested in leadership in working with you.

Investment manager's job is associated with the continuous development and self-education. In his field of vision - companies from different fields and areas of activity that helps to thoroughly understand what's inside any business at all. Constant communication with new people, a decision of non-trivial tasks makes this work a dynamic and very interesting. And adds fun and excitement drive from successful transactions or investments. In general, such a boring work will not.

The prosecutor: can not execute pardon

Not only publish good law, it is equally important to make sure that he has acted and danced all. This is followed by prosecution authorities and public prosecutors in charge of their territory - region, district, city.

Supervising prosecutor has the right to enter the premises of any organization - it is enough to show the certificate. He has access to all documents and materials, which wants to meet. May cause any employee for explanations concerning violations of the law, at any time to come to the colony, prison or detention center and interview detained, arrested or convicted.

The prosecutor may appeal against any decisions and judgments made in court, if it considers them illegal. He controls the operation of law enforcement agencies to combat crime, and if desired, can take part in the creation of new laws.
There is no law? Audited!

Attorney takes part in the court in the criminal proceedings as a public prosecutor. He finds all the details of the criminal case, cancel or change the unreasonable decision of the investigator. He can remove the investigator from further conduct of the case and transfer it to another. Or to investigate itself. At the same time authorizing arrests and searches - exclusive competence of the prosecutor. An investigation, the prosecutor claims the indictment and refer the case to the court. And there, in the indictment, it makes a detailed analysis of the evidence, qualifies the crime and punishment offers.

The prosecutor participates in civil proceedings, in the court's consideration of certain categories of cases - an eviction, adoption, labor disputes ...
Through the crowd of competitors

To become a prosecutor, you need to finish high school, one of the most popular specialties - "Jurisprudence". Today, the state and nearly every commercial high school have a faculty of law. Number of issued annually lawyers has increased several times, except that employers prefer graduates of prominent state educational institution where the discipline is taught for decades, not a specialist of a "University of Agriculture and Food of space development of boilers."

The prosecutor's office today is not experiencing staff shortages. Many begin a career as a prosecutor's investigator or prosecutor's assistant. Next step - the deputy prosecutor. In large cities for the post of the head (interdistrict prosecutor) can be expected only in 10-15 years. Of course, if you have the relevant personal and professional qualities.

In addition to the prosecutor's office, you can work in the courts of different levels. If desired, a specialist with experience of procuratorial work, can find a place in a major commercial company. This professional wide profile, which is perfectly versed in all areas of law.
Job requires:

 analytical thinking;
 a good memory and attention;
 high self-esteem - a clear diction;
 emotional stability.

The first step of career

There are schools that issue a document on the formation of a lawyer, but the curriculum is not available, for example, "Criminology" and "forensic science". And on the "criminal law", which should be studied for two years, it is given only six months. Experts who have gaps in knowledge, the prosecutor's office is not satisfied. By the fifth year, students have a more or less defined, properly whether they are planning their careers, whether the work will draw the prosecutor's office, and whether the conditions are satisfied.

One of the employment options in the prosecutor's office - already during his studies to become a so-called public assistant. You will be given the appropriate certificate, and you will be able to free on their own time to perform various tasks. Those who cope well with the work of the prosecutor, as a rule, leaves "with him."
I must learn!

The young specialist, entered the service of the prosecutor's office, on the first day is to learn the hierarchy of relationships in a professional environment. For example, there is a significant difference between leaders and prosecutors, attorneys, artists (they are prosecutors departments, assistants). Attorney-leader makes decisions, and the public prosecutor, the Executive prepares them only. Moving through the ranks of the prosecutor's office, it is necessary to change the direction of the work - to move from the general to the narrow specialization - for example, for a complex of environmental supervision and the observance of the rights of minors.
Military Prosecutor: girls road closed

Prosecutors are needed not only in the civilian world, but also in the army. To do this, graduated from the Military University, be in good physical shape and be born a man .... The girls here do not accept. The first two or three years, will have to live in the barracks, go to the shooting and fees. But before becoming a student, you must submit an application to the military commissariat area of ​​residence. Report it all the data about yourself, the name of the selected department and specialty, an autobiography, characteristic to the place of study (work), copies of documents on secondary education, photos and a certificate of current progress, if you are studying. On the basis of these documents is a pre-selected applicants. Besides the basic examinations will have to undergo a medical examination and pass a test of physical fitness. "Excellent" need to catch up 14 times,

The chef - king of the kitchen

As the saying goes, war is war, and lunch schedule. As well as breakfast and dinner. Tasty meal loves everyone, so a skilled cook without a job will never be. Today, master pots and pans in demand in the labor market, more than anyone else.

At first glance, in the preparation of food is no big deal, because a lot of women do it every day for their families. However, experts say: between cooking dinner for four people and the creation of delicious dishes for hundreds of guests there is a huge difference. Therefore, the majority of cafes and restaurants required a cook, at least with special education.
In a profession - in different ways

There are several ways to get this specialty: finish high school, school or college, or spend a few weeks attending courses. Similar schools today are more than enough. There are taught the theory: how to handle the products, store them, and how to cook it. But to achieve this skill is not enough - only master the profession in practice. True, such a condition is not always respected, and even the experts state: many graduates of specialized universities often do not know how to cook well and tuned exclusively for a managerial job. Today, however, some cafes engaged in training inexperienced young people, free of charge. Moreover, in this period, the beginner also paid stipend. As a rule, so there are a network of fast food restaurants, a variety of pancakes, attics and other edalni.

The "kitchen" staff even good cafe can be reached by passing the stage of training. But in this case it is necessary to learn all the wisdom in practice, to educate themselves, to start from the very bottom and dirty work, such as clean vegetables and wash the dishes. By the way, it is important that the specialist, which was improvised, "the street", turned out to be a real master, and saw the talent in the opener - without him in this profession, as well as in any other, there is nothing. If an experienced cook will want to refer begin their knowledge and secrets of what will be a good judge. Nothing can replace the work under the guidance of a true professional. However, it should be remembered that take a person without special education staff are willing to only 10% of employers - especially network institutions are not too high, where we have to deal mainly with the semi, and few will be able to learn anything. For the rest of the employers the importance of education, experience (at least a year, but the more, the better) and the presence of Russian citizenship.

Especially appreciated by chefs trained service of foreign chefs (abroad or in Russian restaurants, which employ a foreign chef). Often the practice go to France or the US, where many well-known schools. Education here can last from several weeks to a couple of years. Domestic experts respect the Western system of training of cooks. Abroad believe that the earlier a person starts to learn the basics of science, the better. In France in the old days the future chefs in the kitchen found themselves in the age of seven.
Without talent anywhere

This chef is required to be able to cook soups, meat dishes, side dishes, salads and more. Every dish should be prepared not only delicious, but also beautiful. So, we must learn how to draw. In addition, it is necessary to know the features of human physiology and the rules of the compatibility of products - this will write a good menu. And the cook to remember the storage and handling regulations of different products, be able to calculate the amount of calories in a particular platter and featuring high-quality products from spoiled. In general, the culinary profession requires a person to have a set of knowledge from different areas. In addition to cooking technology, it must understand the chemistry, art, design. But even with the necessary information and having a solid experience, the master constantly learning, because a great variety of dishes, have interesting recipes from the cuisines of other countries who have yet to discover the Russians. Desire and ability to improve - not the last quality among those that are inherent in the true cooking.

And, as already noted, a true chef must be talented, because, having no vocation for cooking, you can cook the dish, which is in the mouth can not take, even if you do not retreat a single step from the recipe. It is no secret that the full mountain-cooks who are able to become famous only for its tasteless dishes made hastily, carelessly, somehow.

Above all, the man chosen for yourself this profession, will not interfere with a good imagination, love for creativity and inventiveness. Cook strictly by prescription, of course, great, but a skilled chef is always striving to improve the dish or even create new, do mediocre, it would seem unusual dish. But in this situation it is important not to overdo it, to show the taste.

Naturally, the cook must be neat, clean person (for example, if a customer ordered a meal in a restaurant finds in hair plate, the reputation of the chef and the institution where he works, will suffer), and at the same time to work quickly so as not to force the guests to wait long. Among other advantages should also be called observation and patience.

And most importantly - it is impossible to be a chef without culinary taste (his absence has been called "bridost" or "asperatsiya"). Such a person is the way to the kitchen closed. And to the cook not experienced a temporary bridost, long ago developed special rules of sampling. Knowledgeable chef tasting dishes strictly in sequence, periodically rinsing the mouth with water or some broth. In general, a good cook - hungry cook. On a full stomach is not possible to feel the taste of food, so that there is a rule: the chef will not eat until I prepare dinner. About the same time, many today have forgotten, but in vain.

There is another feature of the professional: chef from God will never allow myself to smoke - Tobacco mutes the sense of smell and taste perception. In addition, the need for good vision, intuition and memory, because you need to remember the recipes and the eye to determine the readiness of products. As you can see, cooking - an art, no wonder it was named after the tenth muse Kulin.

Chefs work hard physically, because he works in the kitchen only hands in the stifling atmosphere, and sometimes not only cooks, but also carries heavy mnogolitrovye pans. Get up to the plate falls still dark, it is necessary to feed breakfast the first visitors. And then there's the stress - the dish too salty, the desired product will be spoiled, it will go a rush order. And since the whole day chef spends on his feet, he can earn a professional disease, such as arthritis or varicose veins. It turns out that this is not a specialty women. In the past century, in the kitchen worked exclusively by men, and in Soviet times in this area, which became suddenly undervalued, women came. Knowing how difficult it is to the cook, you know: not long survive without the love of the profession. Not without reason in the public catering enterprises is so large turnover, particularly among young people, which at first did not realize how difficult this work is. But if people cope with the first difficulties, then already on what will not exchange its own specialty.
become a general

Find a job does not take much - staff with experience or at least a special education happy to take in a cafe or dining room, in general, will tear off with his hands. But count on the highest position a man who came recently to the profession, it is not necessary. Newcomer goes through several stages of career growth. At the lowest step of the stairs are the cooks assistants, unskilled workers and ordinary cook. The more experience and extensive human skills, the faster it will move in the service - even a beginning of a talented chef a chance to be responsible for the shift or production hall. And there, and to the place of assistant chef close - up it will grow five years. The larger the restaurant, the more this "pyramid". By the way, ways to improve their professionalism many:

In fact, to become a chef, it takes years, often 10-15 years. It all depends on the abilities and culinary ambitions. But foolish to think that being a chef is easy and it does not do anything, only commands and gives instructions. No, he controls everything that happens in the kitchen, too, and is responsible for everything. Shifted helpers salt or pepper in the dish - to blame the chef overcooked meat - again, to keep him an answer. Not only that the "kitchen-general" will oversee the work of his subordinates, he is himself preparing complex dishes for customers (in some institutions, there is a menu of the chef) and creates the recipes. In fact, good cooking is not so much. The next step of the career ladder, after the position of "chef" - the status of the restaurant owner.

I do not like cooking for hundreds of people every day - try to arrange a personal chef for a rich man. However, this option is not suitable for those who want fame and recognition, as a connoisseur of one businessman in the house - the owner, and boast their art in front of a lot of people will be possible only in the restaurant. By the way, a good cook is often the hallmark of places - regulars often come there not because of the beautiful tables or acceptable price, but because of the barbecue or roast Ivan Ivanovich. So that you can become famous in this field.

Talented chefs - a rarity, but also mediocrity to make a career in the culinary field. Professionals believe that the achievements of chefs depend on the availability of talent is only 50%. And the rest of the components of success - activity, the desire to study and learn new things.